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Searching for some invisible text or Characters. Here you can find all types of invisible letters, invisible text for your name & also invisible characters. We provide all invisible or Blank characters & text as per user need. 

You can call any name for this blank or invisible text or letters because they can see in computer text & users call it example - empty character, invisible text, invisible character, invisible letter, blank character, blank text & invisible space.

UnicodeUnicode NamesDemo
U+0020Space[ ]
U+00A0No-Break Space[ ]
U+2000En Quad[ ]
U+2001Em Quad[ ]
U+2002En Space[ ]
U+2003Em Space[ ]
U+2004Three-Per-Em Space[ ]
U+2005Four-Per-Em Space[ ]
U+2006Six-Per-Em Space[ ]
U+2007Figure Space[ ]
U+2008Punctuation Space[ ]
U+2009Thin Space[ ]
U+200AHair Space[ ]
U+2028Line Separator[
U+205FMedium Mathematical Space[ ]
U+3000Ideographic Space[ ]

What are invisible Characters & invisible text?

Since this text is invisible, you cannot see it on your computer or mobile screen. The text on my screen is seen & filled by the computer. These types of text fonts & symbols are used by users to create space for their design in the text area & text location.

It is important to know that invisible letters and text are a form of fonts. In computers and letters, there are invisible or unique fonts. Invisible text is used in so many fills & it is also part of the user's user name on their social media or in any game's username.

invisible character

What does the invisible letters tool do?

Copy and paste invisible text and letters with our free tool. You just need to visit our website and there is a copy button Copy invisible letters or text. After that, you can paste this text wherever you need it.

Use of Invisible Text letters

There are so many places or areas where you can use this type of text & it's supported 90% of the social media platforms for your post, Username & In your Profile bio. here is a list of where users use invisible Text.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Website
  • Games User Name

Invisible Text and Characters for Social Media

You can use our Invisible Letters for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter bio posts. Also, it appears in all of the bio sections for all of these social media platforms. We use invisible letters mainly in the bio section to create a professional-looking bio & profile.

How To Copy Paste Empty Text or Invisible Character?

Our website allows you to view & copy all empty text or invisible letters. This text is easy to use. Just Follow These Simple Steps

  • 1. Visit Our Website -
  • 2. There is A Tool Box For Copying Invisible Letters.
  • 3. Click on Copy Button.
  • 4. Now You Ready to Past.
  • 5. Go to the required Text Area & Paste.

Invisible Letters for Whatsapp Massage

With the help of Blank characters, users can do some epic things with WhatsApp massages like blank messages or empty massage. You can use these empty characters in WhatsApp status & they create blank Whatsapp messages.

Invisible Text for Instagram

Make Your Profile Bio Or Post More Attractive & Style-Looking with Our Invisible Letters Tool. Most of the blank characters can be used in social media.

Invisible Letters for PUBG & FreeFire

Gamers can use these blank characters or invisible letters to create their own unique user name or profile name in games such as PUBG & Free Fire.
Mostly, gamers try to make their username different & unique from other players. So all you need to use these invisible letters & make some creative name for your Game Profile.

Invisible Text Copy and Paste in Video

Frequently asked questions

  • How to create Invisible Character?

    It's Easy to create Invisible Character. Visit Our Website Copy and Paste Invisible Text.

  • Can I use Invisible Character for Instagram?

    Yes, you can use all this Invisible Text on social Media.

  • Can I use Invisible text for Whatsapp?

    Yes, you can use all this Invisible Text on Whatsapp and all social Media.

  • Can I use Invisible text for Games?

    Yes, you can use all this Invisible Text on Games usernames or id.

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